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Large cities and metropolitan areas are known their heavy traffic and grueling rush hours. Unfortunately, high rates of automobile accidents are often linked with these areas of heavy traffic. Why exactly is city driving so difficult and dangerous? The Philadelphia personal injury lawyers at Zavodnick, Zavodnick & Lasky, LLC, explain how these population-dense areas are located directly in the crosshairs of major highways and drivers tend to be reckless and negligent. Heavy city traffic leads to frustrated drivers, who in turn, tend to drive very aggressively. Also, the traffic in cities is mostly due to the daily commuters. Early morning commuters who know their route well tend to be overconfident. These drivers often multitask while behind the wheel; they’ll read, eat, or put on makeup while driving. Distracted drivers are unsafe drivers, especially in dense city streets, and are a major cause of car accidents. Additionally, commuting through traffic makes drivers tired and a tired driver is never a safe driver.

According to the National Highway Traffic Administration’s Fatality Accident Reporting System, the five most deadly and dangerous cities to drive in are New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, and Chicago.

So, how can you stay safe while driving in a big city? There are a few key rules to follow.

Always maintain a proper distance between your car and the cars around you. This becomes critical and challenging during rush hour. It is important to be aware of pedestrians and cyclists surrounding your car, who might not be as cautious as you are. Taxis can also be unpredictable; they tend to drive aggressively and make many abrupt stops. Be sure to always stay alert and drive carefully around taxis.

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